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Simplify IT

The mission of the Capital Infotech Inc is to promote the simplification of IT for our customers through innovation and the use of sound technology practices


We aspire to incubate workforce in next generation of technologies and make them quickly viable for our customers in a cost effective manner using LEAN practices

Deliver IT

We aspire to generate efficiency for our customers by removing constraints from the delivery of IT benefits

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Capital Infotech Inc is a Virginia based software company and a leading provider of technical consulting. We provide cutting edge solutions and services to meet our clients needs.

As an industry-leading IT solutions provider, Capital Infotech provides a broad range of service offerings. Our team of highly skilled professional IT consultants and programmers combines its deep knowledge and expertise with powerful new technologies to help organizations maximize their return on investment and achieve their goals.

As part of our Workforce Development, Capital Infotech Inc is committed to building the highest quality, most effective, professional IT workforce in the country. Our proven, no-cost, high value training programs empower job-seekers, help local governments tackle the issue of unemployment, and fuel the future growth of organizations across the country.

Capital Infotech delivers advanced, innovative and cost-effective IT solutions that are designed to give you a maximum return on investment. From enterprise application development to IT staffing, our flexible and customizable services meet the diverse needs of businesses, nonprofits and government entities nationwide.