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About Us

About Company

Capital Infotech Inc is the information technology services company. We offer services across industry verticals. We deliver measurable benefits to our customer's satisfaction. We are an specialist IT Services firm specializing in solving business problems.

Our Core Competencies are,

  • Cloud Migrations with Dev Ops
  • Big Data
  • Product Development
  • Project and Program Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Service Management
  • Professional Services for Niche Areas and Staffing
  • Management Consulting

At Capital Infotech Inc, we have an extremely talented team, which will offer you solutions, which will have faster time to market larger cost savings and extra productivity. The delivered solutions have guaranteed quality, as we strive for it to achieve our mission.

Our Vision

To become a recognized leader in providing advanced innovative IT solutions to diverse organizations around the world and federal, state and local government agencies across our nation. To transform today’s unemployed into tomorrow’s highly skilled, forward-thinking IT workforce.

Our Mission

To help our clients accomplish more with less by taking advantage of cutting edge ideas and powerful new technologies and delivering the highest quality, best-value solutions to achieve our clients’ goals and missions.